Saturday, October 15, 2011

Art and Music

When I created our composer list back in the Summer, I found these notebooking pages here. I have added some composers that were not on this list and taken a few off. John Rutter and Aaron Copland are my two favorite composers. They were a MUST! 

One of the things we do is listen to a famous piece by that week's composer. Then we talk about how it makes us feel. Happy? Sad? Do we think about people? Animals? Nature? Then we listen again and draw. No one is aloud to talk during this time, just listen. They take it very seriously. Ava Beth shows signs of serious thinking when her tongue sticks out. Just like her Daddy! I watched her thread a needle the other day and that tongue stuck out the whole time! When we finish these pictures, everyone gets a turn to explain what they illustrated during the song. Then it goes into the binder you see above.  How fun is that?!! Come on Homeschool Moms, you can do this with your students! They will love it!

I plan our art projects six weeks at a time. Most everything we do in the Fall has to do with the season. It is a great way to celebrate a new season, especially if you are Texan. We are all sick of heat at this point! Bring on the cool air! I find our art projects in some books I have, pinterest, craft sites and by googling! Every once in a while my brain comes up with an original.  I am a craft supply buying fool. I have craft supplies coming out my ears. I learned a long time ago with baking that stocking up on supplies is key. Anytime I want to bake a cake, cookies, pie or anything else, I almost ALWAYS have everything I need on hand. Cake mixes, pudding mixes, sugar, flour, sprinkles, etc.. Then I don't have to buy a ton of stuff when I try a new recipe. Same goes for arts and crafts with your kids. Stock up your homeschool!! When you see chenille sticks, buy them! When you see craft paint, stick it in your basket! Paper plates, coffee filters, buy them for your craft closet!

If you have stuff on hand and if you take a little time to plan ahead, you will fall head over heels in love with arts and crafts. The best part? Your kids will remember these projects for the rest of their lives! You will feel like a rock star! 

Oh and we paint a lot! It is messy, so I keep a stack of newspapers in my pantry. Or sometimes we paint on the back porch. Even better!

I leave you with this week's composer...Vivaldi. Art and Music formed the perfect marriage this week for Fall! Enjoy!

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