Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mama bakes!

It was a day of yuck, yuck, yuck. Thankfully, the kids were awesome and helped me focus on what's most important! Halloween cupcakes make everythng better! Baking tends to "calm the storm". Always. And God sure knew what He was doing when he gave me Jeremy. He is my rock!

Thank you Lord for the trials. And cupcakes too!


michelle said...

I did some baking today too - vegan pumpkin gingersnaps that my kids and the neighbor kids finished off in record time. Baking is so good for the soul and the lingering smells in the kitchen are a nice bonus.

HOpe tomorrow is a better day.

Timmarie said...


Christie Taylor said...

Your cupcakes look yummy! I love the peace that comes with doing something special with your little ones. Love you!

Noel said...

Sorry for your yucky day. :( Chocolate would help that. I don't see any chocolate in these pics. Hahaha. :)
Hoping for God's absolute BEST for you and your family as you begin this new season in your lives, dear Amanda!

Kelly said...

Looks yummy! Praying you are feeling better with each passing day:-)

Love you friend!