Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I taught the kids this song last week and they loved it. They even sang it for MiMi when she was here. This is one of our worship songs this week. Before I played it, I explained that the song was all about how much God loves us. I have heard them quoting the lyrics a lot to one another! This makes my heart leap!

Love my little worshipers!!!


Karen said...

I need to get copies of your CDs so I can learn to sing with the kids. I love to hear them sing and I was so happy at the song Zeke chose for you to use for MY ringer. I'm glad it wasn't the theme from MOMMY DEAREST since y'all always tease me about my wire hangers.

Wearing one of my new shirts from you today. Love it. Took Desiree her share last night. She was excited. Everything washed and on a PLASTIC hanger.

PS I also loved hearing Zeke (although completely out of context) saying to Josiah, "Remember, the words of your mouth?????".

Love you so much

Amanda said...

Yeah, my kids are acting like some yucky Christians sometimes. Using the Word as a sword!! :) I keep telling Zeke that we don't use theWord that way! I'm just excited to hear them quoting it!!

Plastic hangers???? Perish the thought!!

I love u!