Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Mom was here!

I finally got my hair done! My Mom rocks the short hair cuts! This is why I don't allow ANYONE to cut my hair. This sometimes means I have to go several months before I get a cut! I miss living by her! 

MiMi and the babies!

I hope I look this good when I am 53! She's so pretty!

Thank you Mom for everything! Lunch, bag of new clothes for the kids, gift card, bath and body works stuff for me, starbucks coffee cups, a haircut, etc.! You spoil us and we love you so much!!


Karen said...

Had so much fun. Wish I could've stayed longer. There is just never enough time to spend with you. I'm happy you like your hair. We are "short hair" people. Gotta have that "funk". Kiss all the kids for me. Love all of you so much. Thank you for sweet compliments.


Kelly said...

Your Mom is so beautiful- see what you have to look forward to? Great genes:-)

Love the haircut- you definitely rock the short hair!