Friday, November 11, 2011

A Christmas Wreath

This wreath was so much fun to make! I made this last week for a friend (I love you Jess!). Now I get to make mine!!

Wreath- $4.99 Hobby Lobby
Yarn- $3.99 Hobby Lobby
Christmas Balls- $1.00 Dollar Tree
Felt- 4 sheets for $1.00 (I bought 6 and had some left)
Red Beaded swag on side of wreath x 2-$1.00 each Hobby Lobby (They were 50% off)
Black and White fabric- I already had in my scrap container from sewing projects

I LOVE gorgeous projects that cost nothing to make! Oh and everything on the wreath is attached with hot glue! EASY STUFF! I watch the Hobby Lobby and JoAnn ads like crazy! I get them emailed to me weekly and usually there are coupons. Hobby Lobby has ALL Christmas stuff 50% off right now! This makes crafting so much better!

I LOVE Christmas even better!!

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Blossom said...

It's lovely Amanda! Good job!