Thursday, November 10, 2011


It has been a crazy few days! We had an unexpected death in the family, sickness, birthday party, etc.! We are finally getting back to normal TODAY. I hope to share some pictures soon. I am also working on a new blog format/design, and in the midst of Christmas decorating! Jeremy put up my tree and did the lights while I was at the midwife yesterday (awesome man!), but I have Christmas boxes everywhere!!! All things are "under construction" this week.

I have also changed our reading list for the next several weeks. All of our read alouds and free reading will be about Thanksgiving and Christmas! I am working on that list today. I promise to share the books with you! So excited about this!

And I am working on our Jesse Tree ornaments! REALLY EXCITED about this!

Yesterday was my 16 week check-up with the midwives. Yes, I get two! Two are always present at appointments and two will be there for the home birth. Midwives are usually accompanied by a doula or a doula in training to become a midwife, but I get TWO experienced midwives! The appointment went great and the baby's heartbeat was strong and made me cry when I heard it. It never gets old! I love being pregnant! I could write an entire blog post on my midwife (my main one). She told me about how excited they get when I am in labor and how their family prepares for the birth. The whole family will know exactly who "Amanda" is and will all be excited about "the call"! She shared with me how she gets butterflies of excitement as I get closer. I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!! It actually made me cry when she shared that with me. I love the care I am receiving.

As far as BOY or GIRL? We will find out soon enough. I could find out next week, but midwives do not require sonograms like Doctors do. This means we will have to pay for a sonogram to find out the gender. With the Holidays and four kids having birthdays back to back, I am not sure when we will have an extra $200! Jeremy says there is no way we will let this be a surprise because we have to prepare Ava Beth if it is another boy. I agree. When we do find out, I have a fun event planned to reveal to the kids! We have decided on a girl name. It took a four hour car ride the other day to finally nail it down! I am not sharing the name with ANYONE. I want to keep it a surprise and IF we find out it is a "sister", I will share. We do not have a boy name yet. This means we are probably having another boy! :) We do know that it will come from the Bible because all three boys are named from the Bible. Can't break tradition!! Here is one little hint on the girl name. Ava Beth played a HUGE part in the name.

Okay, I think I just heard the school bell. Homeschool in session! Be back later to post some pictures of lots of fun stuff!


Kelly said...

LOVE that your midwives are excited for you, gave me goosebumps to read.
You are so blessed! Can't wait to find out if this newest sweet one is a boy or girl!

Love Being A Nonny said...

How exciting! Can't wait to hear the sex and the name! I hope Ava Beth is not too disappointed if it's a boy....There are lots of positives that she will find out about later on if she is the only girl!

Love that your midwives are that excited for you. I think YOU would make a great midwife when the kiddos get a little older!