Friday, December 23, 2011

She is SEVEN!

I had a big post planned for this day, but someone was up all night long with a sick baby. Jeremy spent the night in the ER with Jude and I stayed home worrying. He has croup. We are all fixed up though with some all-natural remedies. I have some midwifery concoctions and friends who have helped me find the best alternative meds for my baby. It is all viral, so I was not about to let him be filled with antibiotics!

Ava Beth had a great Birthday breakfast, got a new bike, boots, and necklace and earrings from her brothers. We also went to dinner tonight with Daddy and all the boys. It was a wonderful day! I was stressing about the cake she wanted but as long as it had strawberries, she was happy. I have not slept in 24hrs. I was worried I would not meet her cake expectations! Thankfully the strawberry cake mix and homemade icing with strawberries mixed in, made her day complete!

I love you my sweet Ava Beth. You are beautiful, smart and so confident. You are already a beautiful, Godly woman. WOW! You are everything a Mother dreams of having in a daughter. You are my friend. I love that we are friends! Best friends! I love how you always say that to me!

Your brothers are so blessed to have a sister like you. I am amazed at how nurturing and caring you are. You are the light of their world! Jude thinks you are his Mommy too! I love that! And Daddy is head-over-heels in love with his girl. I love the incredible relationship the two of you have.

You are growing into the most amazing woman! I love you so much and I am so proud to be your Mom. This morning was special. I loved telling you your birthday story all over again. Our yearly tradition!

Last but NOT least...

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