Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I think I will sit down and...

...update my blog! I don't think I have sat down in weeks. No, that is not true. I sat down last Monday to write the last blog post. And now I sit again!

Of course as I sit, I have cakes in the oven (for friends coming over for dinner tonight), boys making obnoxious Power Ranger noises, a seven year old girl bossing her brothers around, and a baby WALKING all over the house getting into EVERYTHING! I can hear all of the Tupperware being pulled from the cabinet now! Thank you, Jude! 

Here are just a few pictures of Homeschool stuff. Valentine decorations fill the school room! We all love it! And beautiful art from the older three! I have never liked Vincent van Gogh as much as I do now. I love seeing my children's art displayed all over the house!

You know me, I have an eclectic style when it comes to Homeschooling. Yesterday was a "Charlotte Mason" kind of day. We did an art lesson on "The Starry Night" by van Gogh, listened to Claude Debussy (one of my favorite composers I grew to love in High School Choir), crafted, and then listened to Chronicles of Narnia, The Magicians Nephew on the ipad. I downloaded the entire series! The podcast player on the ipad works incredible. It is loud too! We own the entire set of books but this was a great way to wind down at the end of the school day. The kids loved it! When you listen to someone read a book with a British accent, the book is always better! 

And guess what else is happening? We are in the THIRD TRIMESTER of this pregnancy! I cannot believe we are so close to the birth of Israel. I am getting really excited about our homebirth and the midwives are doing a great job of preparing me. We are so blessed to now have friends who just went through the same exact thing with the same exact midwives. It is an incredible blessing to be surrounded by such a Godly support system. I am so thankful for my midwives. God has used them in a RADICAL way to change our lives recently (That is blog post in itself. I will share soon!).

Not much going on around here, but soooooo much going on around here! Tomorrow we begin a fourteen day fast with our core team at church. Some are doing the Daniel fast, some are fasting from caffeine, some sugar and other specific things. I am not fasting from food. In fact, my midwife thinks I need to eat more in order to beat this insomnia I am struggling with. I prayed diligently on what my fast would be and the Lord CLEARLY showed me. I look forward to sharing after we have completed the fast. I am most excited for Jeremy and I to do this together. It is a powerful thing for a married couple!

Well, I am off to get cakes out of the oven, do some school and run to the store for something I forgot for tonight. Oh and many of you know that Kelly Ann (my friend since I was 14) is moving to Cambodia with her family for two years. They leave TOMORROW! I got the chance to spend about five hours with her a few weeks ago and I could not be more excited about what God is doing in their family. I can't believe they are now Missionaries! Please be praying for her family. Huge transition coming their way and they will need lots of prayers. 

Thanks to my little crowd who follows this blog! You always encourage me so much!


Kelly said...

Such happiness- I love it all! Sounds like an abasolutely wonderful time right now, waiting for Israel and enjoying the various stages of the others. Sweet:-)

michelle said...

I am so excited for what God is going to do through Kelly and Alf! I've known Kelly since grade school and love to see who she has become.