Saturday, March 24, 2012

35 weeks

I love this picture! I was just trying to document week 35 but little Ava Beth is always in my bathroom getting ready with me! I'm so glad I have a daughter. Some of our best conversations happen when she is brushing her hair and I'm passing my lipgloss over for her to borrow! She is my constant shadow!

We met friends for dinner tonight and as soon as they saw me get out of the car, she gasped! She thinks I've grown A LOT in the last few days. I agree!

I sewed some burp cloths for Israel West today! Soooooo easy! I love sewing for ALL of my babies!


Wendy said...

Love you both! That picture is just adorable! ♥

Kelly said...

Love the striped top- adorable.
Love that you have a shadow (who is beautiful, by the way) and share lip gloss.
Cannot believe how thin your legs look in that picture- you are just belly:-)