Thursday, March 15, 2012

The midwives came!

Yesterday we had our home visit. Usually done at 36 weeks but they moved mine up a couple of weeks since I have been known to go early. But...I am not holding my breath. For one, I can't. I pant just walking across the room. And besides that, I have it in my head that this baby is coming late. I proved last time that I can walk around dilated to a 5 for many days. It means NOTHING until that baby drops! How will my body do without pitocin? For all I know, Jude could have stayed in several more weeks!

We shall see what Israel West decides to do!

The midwives and their apprentice came yesterday to visit with the whole family. At birth we will have TWO midwives (I have seen them both the entire pregnancy) and their apprentice. I was nervous about having an apprentice here. Would I feel crowded? But after meeting her yesterday and listening to her talk, I felt totally comfortable!

Israel is in PERFECT position! That makes me happy! I tell him every single day that he needs to stay just like he is and it seems he already knows how to obey.

I got my birthing kit!! Yay! My friends have given me tons of towels, pads, shower curtains, etc. My friend had a homebirth with Kari and Brielle back in January. She has lots of leftover goods too!

The midwives bring the birthing pool, I provide the liner. It is pretty big so we decided yesterday that it would have to go in the living room. We made sure the hoses would hook up to our sink and its a go! Maybe I will have a water birth, maybe I won't. Again, I am approaching this with a marathon mindset. When I get to that hill, I will conquer it. Not going to plan for it now! I am not in control, God is! He has this day already planned and I have to rest in that. If not, I will go NUTS!

I do not have candles or music chosen. I don't think I will want any of that. I am trusting Jeremy, my family and my friends to just fill in the gaps of stuff I may need during labor and delivery.

TOMORROW we are having our pictures done!!! That means for the first time ever, I will have maternity pics!

I need to post my 34 week picture soon! Maybe this afternoon! First I need makeup and real clothes on other than pajamas!

A few things need to be added to the homebirth table, but it is almost complete! More towels for sure!

THE kit!

This came in the mail this week from my friend in Tennessee! Thank you, Courtney! I love it!
And a friend of mine in Italy, yes Italy, is shipping me a bunch of goodies for Israel! I am so excited! She emailed me a picture of all the clothes she got him at a consignment sale. Thank you, Jen!

I guess I can  go ahead and let the kids make the count-down chain! They are ready!

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Kelly said...

So exciting! I love the idea of a home birth, there is nothing as comforting as home, so to go through the entire delivery there would be heavenly:-)
No rushing to th ehospital and checking in, just peacefully enjoying the entire process. So excited for you.