Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break so far! More to come!

A picnic at the park with friends!
All of these pictures were taken from my brand new iphone4s! I am so impressed with the quality! I was bummed that I left my SLR at home but this worked great. I am a little clumsy right now so I am scared to take my big camera with me. :) It is a beautiful week in Texas so we thought we would enjoy the weather with our special friends! I can't wait to see the pics Allison took with HER camera! She's the professional! 

Jude was obsessed with the clover!  He had to make do without  Kaia today. He had to share her with his friend, Martin, who took Kaia to the zoo today! 

I don't know how Ava Beth, Miss Skinny, carries the baby Lard around! 

Best friends!

He loved climbing up the slide!

Yes, he is in a creek! I never would have done this with my first born. 

The little daredevil

Evan and Josiah
aka/Harry Potter, Star Wars and Lego nerds! :)

He laughs the entire time!

He loves the water!

Noah and Zeke
aka/sports fanatics, daredevils and opinionated little boys! :)

My angel

Shay and Ava Beth

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