Friday, April 13, 2012

Still pregnant!

The 39th week has arrived!! I had some labor this week and dilated pretty far. Labor stalled out! But...this week has been one of the best weeks I've had in a long time!! Plus I got to spend a huge amount of time with my midwives. I never expected for God to connect me with them in such an intimate way. They made me laugh so hard this week. We spent hours walking, even time lounging on my bed laughing and sharing stories. It was sooooo much fun!!

A few weeks ago we decided the church plant we were going to was not where God wanted us. Very hard because it was only a group of about ten people and we loved having a social life for our family. Great, great people! We were honest from the beginning and told them that we were not sure we were willing to commit. We are at an important stage in raising our family and while the church had the relational experience we needed, we couldn't get on board with the vision. That is hard! But the Lord used it tremendously by bringing life-long friends and we began to tithe again! Tithing has been an incredible blessing. What God has done in our family since has been amazing. I think our obedience to trust HIS plan really opened the door for blessing.

As we prepare for God to bring baby Israel into this world, we have had some amazing things happening. The Holy Spirit has been prompting me to call a few friends and ask for forgiveness. God has literally opened the doors for this! I'm amazed!

Today was a huge blessing! We met up with some long-time homeschooling friends and had an incredible day over a picnic lunch (Taco Bueno) at the park! My kids came alive! It is amazing how Godly friendships can breathe life into your soul!!!

I'm bursting with a rejuvenated spirit!! Yes, rejuvenated even at the end of a pregnancy!! That's God! All God!

I love what happens when you trust GOD for the very best! It is always better than your plans!

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