Saturday, April 7, 2012

welcome to week 38

I had a sonogram this past week because he flipped on us. But he is now back to head down position. He is so low that is is pressing down on my cervix pretty hard. The sonographer was convinced based on his position that I would not make it past next week. She then said, "I think you are having that baby in the next couple of days." No, no, no! Do not tell me that! The midwife was not happy that she said all of that stuff because as you know, you can walk around dilated to a 7 with a bulging bag of water and go two more weeks! right?! 

Then we thought I sprung a leak. So my midwife checked for leakage and thankfully no water breakage! She said she could feel his head and he is very low. Because he is so low, I am leaking urine. Isn't that lady-like?! Since I was already in "position" and his head was so low, they checked me. I am at a 3. This is no big deal! I am usually at a 5 when I go into labor so not shocker there. I am one who always dilates early. I am just looking at it as FREE points! seven more to go!

A few weeks ago I was positive for GBS, but the midwives worked their magic and I worked on an all-natural remedy for a week and I am now NEGATIVE!! NO STREP B! When I asked my doctor about this during my pregnancy with Jude, he explained that all of those remedies midwives use to rid you of strep b are BUNK! HA!!! I think HE is BUNK!

I love my midwives!


Kelly said...

Love midwives and all natural cures!

You look amazing and I can't believe you are so close! praying for your delivery... I am SO excited for you and your family. What an experience it will be:-)

Jules said...

We have a midwife this time around & we LOVE her!! She prays scripture over baby girl...its so awesome!! I am loving the all natural remedies, too! OB told me that walking didnt really make a difference at trying to progress labor but evidently it did for me!! :) I am glad you are having such a great experience!

Kate said...

any day now!! looking good mama!!

Wendy said...

You look great!