Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Calling all prayer warriors

Calling all prayer warriors Ninjas!

Just wanted to ask you all to pray for me. I am really struggling right now with the change. My husband said it best a minute ago, "We are under attack." I cant seem to quit crying because every single time I turn around, something happens in this house that needs to be fixed. The gas leak yesterday was very stressful and now we have some other things going on. My son has spring fever pretty bad and is also struggling to adjust to the change which creates lots of tension during Homeschool. I miss my old house and city so much right now. I just want to go back and be there. Crazy that I feel that way because I never liked the area. I think because it was our home and this does not feel like home yet. Takes time, I know.

Being pregnant has of coursed caused all sorts of emotions and I miss running twenty miles a week more than I ever thought was possible. Friday is my Birthday and my first sonogram so please be in prayer that everything looks great!

The darkness I feel right now has a purpose. I know there is something for me to learn here so I don't want to push through it. I am drawing close to the Father and praying for peace. Moving is a stressful event and there is no one out there who has not experienced it but I feel like I have some added things that make it even harder.

Thanks for allowing me to be honest and I appreciate your prayers!!! I shut off the comments because I don't really want anyone to feel the need to comment, just pray. Thank you friends! As always, thank you for allowing me to be honest. Some of you have sent texts, called and emailed but I feel kind of buried at the moment so give me so time to adjust. I am ready to be my perky self again!