Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello world!

It's the craziest calmest part of my day. Usually. Around 3pm, we have finished School and chores and bad attitudes have worked their way out of everyone's systems and we play. It's the one part of the day I can sit and stare at the walls or like today BLOG. Today, instead of blogging, I should be unpacking, organizing or something else productive but I choose to blog instead because if I don't, I may go crazy. Today has been quite THE day!

The move is complete. The old house is empty and as excited as I was to move, I feel a little sad. Some awesome things happened to my family while living in our old community.

I have a precious and dear friend who lives in another state. We have never met in person but we met blogging almost five years ago. Some how the Lord allowed us to connect and we now talk on the phone and our seven year old sons have become pen pals. It seems that every single stage in life I enter, she has already done. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have cried from a bad homeschooling day and she has assured me that ALL Homeschooling mothers feel this way. She Homeschools and has five children! She KNOWS! She has also moved several times and sadly had to leave the great State of Texas. Because she is Texan, she holds a dear place in my heart. I know when she says "Supper" it could be a noon or evening meal cause Texans eat Supper twice a day. Noon and evening! And if she says something like "uglier than a mud fence", I know exactly what she means! She probably doesn't even realize how she has a world of "Texan" flowing out of her mouth when she speaks passionately about something but she does and it's as smooth as honey. When she does and because she does, I listen. She speaks my language and I love her for that! So this morning when I sent her a text that said "PRAY", she understood. Thankfully she had some time to talk to me and I gotta tell ya, I felt like a new woman when I hung up the phone. One minute I was crying about the new house and not having the money yet to buy rugs and the next minute I was talking about Homeschool, feeling like a failure and wanting to throw up 24/7 (morning sickness). And you know what? She let me. She let me be. She didnt try to fix anything, she just used words like "honey" and "sweetie" and assured me that she had felt this way before and that everything WOULD be alright SOON.

From parenting to marriage to friendships to pregnancy, I feel like I can trust her whole heartedly and the Holy Spirit uses her often to speak truth into my life. Since her oldest is fifteen and her youngest is five months, she is my go to for most subjects. I feel so blessed to have someone I can go to for wisdom. Even though I would prefer her to live close by, that is not how God set it up. Some days I wish I could sit at her kitchen table and share a cup of coffee with her but geographically it is impossible. But I do get to hear her voice and that helps a lot. This morning she referred to someone who had mentored her and mentioned Titus 2. That scripture has always been one that has stood out to me because I was taught as a teenager by my Youth pastor that having others to look to for wisdom and support is key to this journey we are on. I once heard a Pastor say this. "We should always be discipling someone while being discipled ourselves." And that's just it! How can I teach other women or even my daughter what it means to be a Godly woman if I am not being taught? Women are notorious for having self esteem issues, bad relationships and hurtful friendships. Most of us have been injured at some point or another. Sometimes when this happens, we can lose our "Teachable Spirit". I don't know about you but I NEVER want to quit being teachable. I don't have it all figured out and never will so I need women in my life, women older than me, who can teach me Godly principles and ways to raise my family in the Lord.

Our conversation this morning got me to thinking and it got me to praising. I have a Titus 2 woman in my life and even though she doesn't live close by, she is still a part of my life and teaches me so much and that is a HUGE gift. She causes me to think about who I am and the woman I am teaching my daughter to be. Through her friendship and teaching, the Holy Spirit has brought me to a new level and used her to help me take many steps as a Wife, Mom and friend. If you don't have someone in your life that can set you straight or cheer you on, you better getcha one because as women, it is impossible for us to be who God created us to be without some help. And I truly believe it should be someone older than you, someone you respect, someone who has been there done that and can tell you HOW they did it. You can't be a MENTOR if you don't have one. I know that my friend has had older women mentoring and teaching her and that shows me that she is teachable. I love that quality! Because women have taken the time to speak into her life, she does the same for me and probably many others. I love how God works!

A few hours after I hung up the phone with her, I smelled gas in the new house. Turns out, we had a gas leak coming from the furnace. Thankfully it's that time of year in Texas where we can do without the heater, unless we get a crazy cold front (that could very well happen). But the truth is, I don't think I could have handled the gas leak today if it weren't for my friend who reminds me often that it will all be okay. One day at a time. Today is Monday so I am focused on Monday and Monday only. Tuesday will have to wait till Tuesday. Just as I have been unpacking one box at a time, I am doing one day at a time. Unpacking, Homeschool, pregnancy and so much more is on my plate right now but today I felt like I got my feet back on solid ground.
I am thankful for my friend taking the time to speak some truth into me and remind me of the incredible blessings in my life.

The kitchen, living area, master bedroom and boys' room is almost completely done and today I could have unpacked a whole bunch more but then came my mental break down, the gas leak and now the kids are screaming. But I am not scared! I ain't scared of this Monday anymore! Tuesday will be here before I know it and I won't look back. Today God did something in my life and I am praising HIM for it!

Read this when you get a chance.


Kelly Ann said...

So glad you have her in your life! She sounds awesome! Happy to hear that you are moved in...all safe & sound! Love you!

Stacey said...

What a gift!!

Kelly said...

You are such an encourager, I am thankful you have someone speaking love and truth into your life:-)

I pray that I would have a teachable spirit, because I think that is such a key to our happiness, not feeling like we have to have all the answers, but accepting the wisdom of others. It has always been a struggle for me, but ironically, as I get older I am more teachable.
Praying for you today!

Kim said...

Yes, Kelly ;) She is an encourager ...

It is such an awesome thing for God to use women both near and far to love us through this sisterhood in Christ! What an awesome blessing!!!

I know your week is full ... praying it is full of joy as well!