Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The computer is about to be unplugged until Friday! The house is almost packed up and ready to move! I am about to tackle my 500 hundred pairs of shoes. Actually, this pregnancy has me so tired that I may fall asleep in my closet while packing. But Jeremy will find me and enforce packing! :) I am DRAGGING and feel completely out of control with this morning sickness and lack of energy. 24 hrs a day I feel like I am going to PUKE! I had no idea it would be this tough moving while newly pregnant! WOW!

I have no idea where my Blackberry is either so I am truly UNPLUGGED for a few days!



Kelly said...

Can't wait to "see " you in your new home. You have been on my mind since Sunday, and I have prayed for you each time you cross my thoughts.

So excited for your new home and all it entails. Hugs!!!

Stacey said...

Oh boy, I was just thinking to myself, "things have been quiet deep in the heart of texas today" - was wondering if all was ok.

Having Jermey find you asleep in the closet would be a trip! Wish i could come help you pack... oh wait, I am packing too!

Can't wait to see pics of the new place!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! In less than 24 hrs we will not only be friends but we will be neighbors too! Soon you can send your kids over so you can nap in peace! Hang in there girl! I'm praying for you to have lots of strength and that God multiplies your rest! See you soon! :-) Kimmy

Karen Hammons said...

Lifting you up in prayers! Wish I was able to help you move but TX is a pretty far drive for this Carolina girl. LOL Maybe when things settle you can do a VLOG or take some pics of the new place. :-)

Hugs and Prayers -

Brittnie said...

I'm moving in a few days too. And it sucks.

Busy, sad, hectic, sleepless... YIKES!

Praying your move goes well!

Kim said...

Excited to see what's in store in so many ways for you Amanda and your beautiful family! I know this process must be horribly exhausting. Hang in there momma. Wish I could be there to help. Looking forward to updates ... and pictures! I love pictures!

Liz said...

Just saw that your blog is public again. And congratulations on baby #4!!!. I'll have to get caught up later when I have time to read. SO excited though. Praying for you. Liz