Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby, baby!

For some reason I cannot get Amy Grant's "Baby, Baby" out of my head! 

Baby, baby, I'm taken with the notion
To love you with the sweetest of devotion

Yesterday we saw a beautiful picture of our beautiful baby! We are twelve weeks!

Okay, so I am pleading with the hormones to level off and allow me to brush my teeth in peace and praying for a little boost in energy. Sooooooooooo much going on but ready to settle in and enjoy my baby belly.

And yes I will post a picture soon! I AM WEARING A MATERNITY Liz Lange tank today and my neighbor and friends swears it looks like a baby and not a gut so I may get brave and show you a picture. Maybe! :)

Thank you to my friends (you know who you are) for being there for me through this journey! I love you!

Here's to a beautiful 2nd trimester!

Here we go!! Let the baby belly begin it's growth spurt! Oh how I love the baby belly!


karlee said...

I just love that song:) We have a cassette tape of me singing it at age 6. I sounded like a duck!

And baby belly's are awesome. Own it!

Paula said...

Love you!

Christy said...

Post a picture please!!

Anonymous said...

Girl, you look fabulous! You ROCK the baby bump! Own it girl! Pregnancy totally suits you! Love ya! Kimmy