Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a precious find

The kids and I went to an estate sale near our house last Friday and I found some incredible deals and treasures. This bowl was one of them and I am in love with it! I have been putting fresh fruit it in constantly and love having it out.  Can I just tell you that I have wanted one of these bowls for years?! Yes, years! My grandmother had these bowls in many different shapes and colors and now they are hard to find. When I saw this tucked away in the kitchen at the Estate sale with a $4 sticker, I squealed!

I also got some other things that I will share later in the week. If you have never been to an Estate sale, make it a priority. It was crazy walking through a house and every single thing inside being for sale. It was just a few miles away too so that was nice. And there were deer and baby deer all over the neighborhood just lounging in front yards. It was a fun day!

We also went to a few garage sales and the kids LOVED finding toys for 25cents! I could REALLY get into this and they could too! I found this estate sale through Craigslist and in doing so found out that there is a company in Austin that does Estate sales for families every single weekend. WOW! So cool!


Margaret said...

love that bowl - I have the 4 bowls like that yellow, green, blue and red - they are very old and were my great grandmothers - i use them all the time and still love them everyday - :) that was a precious find and I am so happy you found it!!!

karlee said...

I wrote a post a while back about an estate sale I went to and my finds. I love them!!!

Kelly Ann said...

Awesome find! Now you got me looking on craigslist for sales! :) I remember my mom getting the early paper and circling the garage sales we would hit the next morning. She would even go so far as to map them out so we wouldn't waste time driving around. She was definitely the garage sale queen!

Christina said...

In true Facebook lingo *i like* :-)