Thursday, July 1, 2010

21 Weeks

My new dress! It was FREE!

I'm gonna try to make this story short but you know me!  

When the Lord began to bring a desire to my heart for another baby, Jeremy and I both were a little freaked out because we knew I had given away all of my maternity clothes, baby clothes and sold big baby items.  Jeremy was concerned of the expense.  Actually, he was VERY concerned.  Isn't this how most men are?  I think so.  So I kept telling him, "If the Lord has given us this desire to grow our family, He will provide everything we need.    Just watch!"  

Well if you haven't noticed, I've hit a growth spurt.  I have purchased a few items off ebay and Mom has bought me a few tanks from Target, etc.  But, every single time I go to buy something for myself I feel like the Holy Spirit has said "Wait."  May sound silly but I know it's the Lord working because normally I would buy a tank top from Target or Old Navy every week!  I have not complained to Jeremy of my lack of Maternity clothing and I have been okay wearing the same things over and over because it's just me and the kids most of the time. But last week I began to get a little anxious.  I knew this month would be dedicated to buying Curriculum and some maintenance on Jeremy's car.  It's not that we are so broke I can't buy anything.  It's that I am trying to take care of what's most important and curriculum has to be purchased. So last Monday night I decided to check my mamasings email account that I rarely check (I forget to). In my mailbox was a sweet email from my blogging friend, Jessica.  Jessica has FOUR boys and just had her first baby girl four months ago.  She wanted to know if I needed any maternity clothes because she wanted me to have hers.  I just about flipped out of my chair!  She lives in Oregon and would no doubt be my shopping buddy if she lived here or I there.

Jessica's babies!

Not only did God provide but He provided clothes that He knew I would LOVE.  Knowing the clothes were coming from Jessica, I knew it would be a fun box of clothes because her style is sooooooooo fashionable.  I don't want to embarrass her at all but this box was full of things that I would probably never buy because I always feel bad spending money on myself.  I usually go the very cheap route.  Bellabands, BeMaternity tanks, Nursing tanks (the kind everyone says is worth spending money on), shorts, dresses, jeans, tops, tanks, etc. all in this box! I share the details of this blessing because it reminds me of the scripture in Ephesians.

Ephesians 3:20 God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!

I've been sharing with the kids all the ways God has provided for us and how He sometimes does it in ways we would never imagine.  It happened a few weeks ago when my friend Lauren gave us a baby swing, a saucer, a play mat and a Baby Bjorn.  Not only is God growing my faith but he is growing my children's and FOR SURE my husband's.  God did not leave me hanging.  When I told Jeremy back before we got pregnant that God would provide, HE DID and HE HAS and HE WILL CONTINUE. 

Jessica told me last week that my box would arrive via UPS on July 1st.  A little while ago when the doorbell rang, Ava Beth screamed.  She knew what it was.  She made me try on most everything and then she wanted to take some pictures.  I love how she was so excited about the blessing.  I love having a girl who is just like me. Well, most of the time.  I can be a bear.  So can she. :)

To any of you out there who have a dream or a desire God has given, He will perfect all the details that come with it.  He will provide everything you need in order for this dream to come true.  And through all of it, He uses so many people.  As He uses them, they are also blessed.  Lauren and Jessica will be blessed beyond measure for being such a willing vessel.  I pray the Lord uses me in this way.  I want to give back what has been given to me.  

God TRULY is amazing and He rocks my face off!  


Wendy said...

I love that you have been intentional about sharing answered prayers w/the kids!!

So awesome how God worked this out!

BTW, you're beautiful!

Kelly Ann said...

I second what Wendy that you are sharing with your kids each step of the way! How else are our children going to learn unless we invite them on our journeys?

I was so excited a few days ago when you told me the story and I am excited all over again re-reading it!! :) God is faithful and present in EVERY detail of our lives. He is our provider for every need. And sometimes...He just likes to spoil His kids a little!!

Love you, friend!!

Love Being a Nonny said...

I love that you are thanking HIM for the blessing of clothes!!! You look great!

Tracy: said...


Christina said...

That is amazing Amanda! Soooooo happy for you!!!!! :-)

Kate said...

love this love this love this! it really spoke to my heart in more ways and avenues than one. you look so precious in that dress. i am so excited for you! and eph. 3:20-21 is my favorite verse. :)