Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the calm after the storm

A friend mentioned on her blog that she was reading this book and it made me want to tell all of you Mothers to order it TODAY.  I mentioned this book a few months ago and I can't quit talking about it.  This book looks much like the inside of my Bible.  Full of underlined and highlighted words and my own thoughts written in the margins.  Besides the mighty Word of God, I cannot think of one single book that has impacted my life as much as this one.  Sally Clarkson has inspired me more than words can possibly describe.  My children, my husband, my home and myself have experienced some incredible change all due to the power of this book.  I've needed Sally's words often as a strong willed child has emerged. I have one emotional child, Josiah. I then have a child who struggles with temper, Ava Beth.  Then I have Ezekiel who is the strongest willed Child ever made. Well, at least it feels that way. 

This morning I spent about two hours dealing with a three year old's bad mood.  I've prayed for hours on end and cried my eyes out to the Lord DAILY about how to handle this strong willed child.  Every single time a moment like today happens, I find myself crying and praying as I sit in Ezekiel's room waiting for the storm to pass.  I hold him, pray over him and ask him "Ezekiel, what can Mommy do to help you?"  Almost always he tells me if I would just give him what he is wanting then everything would be fine but there is NO WAY I will do that. Sometimes, like today, he walks up to me and reaches out for me to hold him. The more I speak, the more irrational he becomes.  So I have learned to sit and pray and tell him over and over again how much I love him.  After the storm passes, I feel closer to him.  I feel like our relationship has grown and maybe he trusts me even more than he did before.  How nice it would be to have someone sit with us when we want to throw our fits!  But wait, we do!  Our Heavenly Father sits right there with us and while we may not get what we want, our intimacy with Him grows deeper.  Discipline brings intimacy.

Today I have been used by God to mold, shape, train and teach.  I have addressed issues of the heart, motive and character.  I may not see the results of my hard work today but the fruit will appear later.  It always does.

As I sit here listening to Mozart, sipping on hot tea while cookies bake, I am amazed.  I got through the storm of the day.  The fact that I can listen to peaceful music, bake cookies and enjoy a clean house is a miracle.  In the midst of the storm, this moment seemed impossible.  But it came despite the doubts I had in myself and my parenting.  I worked hard to get to this moment.

Life is FULL.  The fruit of my labor is worth every tear.  Thank you Lord for your discipline.

(Sally's book has made me appreciate a moment like this and helped me to understand how important my role is as a Mother.  Every Mother MUST READ.)

Mark 4:39 (New Living Translation)

39 When Jesus woke up, he rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Silence! Be still!” Suddenly the wind stopped, and there was a great calm.


Stacey said...

I am on fire again to read this! That's it. I am ordering it right now! Thank you for the reminder!!

And I have a little guy that brings tornadoes nearly every day.... thanks for the encouragement to enjoy the calm after the storm!

Stacey said...

Book ordered yesterday. can't wait for it to arrive!

Karen said...

You are an amazing Mom. I love that you raise your children in The Word and teach The Word in all their lifes' lessons! Beautiful! I love you and I am proud of you. YOU with God will bring about peace in whatever troubles Ezekiel and totally erase the effects of his temper tantrums. It will, as you say, bring about intimacy. I love that our Heavenly Father disciplines us and we become more and more intimate with Him through the process. PROCESS is the key word. It isn't an overnite thing -- it's a lifetime and lifestyle change.

So proud of you! I love you.