Tuesday, July 27, 2010

really cool news to share!

So I had to go to Doctor today (25 weeks) because of something I was worried about but turns out everything is fine.  More than fine!  My prolapsed cervix is GONE!  The cervix is so high up that he had to really look for it! I also had a sonogram and baby is getting big and head is down pressing against my bladder (this is what "sprung" me to go to the doctor today).  Baby is still a boy and he is an OBVIOUS boy!  

I was a little worried when we loaded up the suburban to go see the doctor and my daughter could sense it.  As soon as we got in the kids began to take turns praying for me and Jude (without me suggesting it).  This spontaneous prayer time was led by Ava Beth, of course.  She is my prayin' machine!  It was really sweet when she prayed "And dear Jesus, please don't let Mommy cry when they weigh her again."  When I gained eight pounds last month, my emotions got the best of  me.  

Okay so on to some major cool news!

My Doctor mentioned today that he is looking to hire a midwife.  There is only one hospital in Austin that allows midwives and he is trying to change that and bring one to our hospital but it could take a year of convincing the board.  When he was in the military he worked with a lot of midwives and said "In case you decide to go natural, I would love to help you through the process.  If I know that's your goal, I can help you."  I just about peed my pants!  Wait, I already did.  I seem to be leaking non stop.  :)  

Anyway, I did burst out in excitement and he said "Do you think I would push you to have an epidural?  I support natural childbirth and that's why I want to hire a midwife for my practice."  He explained that if for some reason I had to have pitocin that he would encourage an epidural but that I could labor AT the hospital naturally and He would support me 100%!  I loved when he said "Women were created to do this.  It can be done.  You can do what women have been doing since the beginning of time."  WOW! I love my Doctor!!!

Love how God is showing up all over the place!!



Michelle said...

It's so much easier to go pain-med free if your OB is working with you. My first OB at delivery was not supportive and I felt like I had to fight against being medicated, even though the baby was not in distress.

My second OB was totally onboard and even let me push in a standing squat - something that our nurse later said is NEVER done at Harris HEB.... It was funny, after the birth I heard the nurses talking to her saying "wow, don't see those births around here at all." And her reply "see, it is possible."

Kelly said...

PRAISE GOD! This gave me chills:-)It is so exciting to see how God works in every area of our life.