Thursday, September 16, 2010


I love it when God shows up and does something AMAZING!  He did tonight!  I can't wait to share!  I am too tired to share now but our School day is SHORT tomorrow and then I can blog.  I'm setting a world record on blog posts this week. :) But let me just say that when four God fearin' women join together, mountains move!

Thank you Naomi, Kelly and Tiffany for joining together and fighting for me! I think for the first time in my life I know what TRUE FRIENDSHIP is all about.  One of you has been knocked down so many times by me that it's a miracle you are still here.  I can't wait to share how God has used all of you to bring about victory in my life.

And for the emails and comments I have been getting today, thank you!  I am so blessed to have women in my life who love me.

What a week! My feet hurt from all the butt kickin' I've been doin' on the enemy! Don't EVER mess with a pregnant woman!

Flippin' tables for Jesus,


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Naomi said...

hahahaaha!!! flippin tables for Jesus ROCKS! THank you! So excited to hear more about your journey!! God continues to move in your life, and I am blessed to be apart of all of it!! Love you MANDA!! V-I-C-T-OOOO-R-Y is awesome!