Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shower by mail? I LOVE IT!

This is the week my Mom, Sister-n-law and Naomi did a "Shower by Mail" for me. Today is only the second day of the "event" and gift cards and gifts have been arriving. I even had one delivered to my front door this morning from my sweet friend and neighbor. Mom took me shopping yesterday for Jude's going home outfit, my hospital pajamas and a few other things we needed. This week is the first time it has really seemed REAL! :) Today we are 38 days from due date. But who's counting? :) I am! 

I never knew I would feel this tired and hurt this bad in the 4th pregnancy but I guess it's my old age. Regardless I would love to do it all over again. Last night I went to bed feeling so tired and discouraged but this morning I woke up to a beautiful day and feeling refreshed. This pain in my ribs will go away way too quickly and I will MISS being pregnant. 

School is in session so I gotta get back to the School table! Thanks to my friends who are making this week so special for me. I feel so loved.