Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sharing the good days

You know how I feel about sharing the good days. It's a must! Homeschooling three children the last three plus years has taught me to appreciate the little things. This means when your son finishes his math within an hour without doodling or staring into outer space, you celebrate! But we are NOT celebrating that today because he did stare into outer space a few times. We have not yet won that battle; however, we shall keep trying!

Overall it was a great day! The weather is a lot cooler now and the kids can enjoy breaks outside and even reading time. We have tons of trees in our front and back yard and my two favorite story time trees on the side of our house. Can't wait for those leaves to begin changing colors. Can't wait for the acorns falling from my big oak tree to actually be brown and not green. We will be close to ninety degrees by the end of the week but I wouldn't give of my Lone Star State for nothin'! I would trade some of you for some "must wear a jacket or hoodie" type weather every once in a while but that's all. Anyway, something about cooler weather makes Homeschool much, much sweeter.

One of the things Homeschooling will teach you, as the Mother, is trust. Do you know how to trust yourself? It is a hard thing sometimes. We are responsible for their education, character and teaching them DAILY the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are days when you wonder if you are getting it all in and you really wonder if you are doing a good job.  Just as the trees during this Fall season will show evidence of change by the color of leaves, our children will also show evidence of change. I love it when we have those days and I see they are "getting" it. Today was one of those days when I saw change. 

It started this morning with our Bible lesson. We are in the midst of a project where we will be serving someone. It takes a lot of energy on my part right now to head my crew up because I want to REST before this baby comes. But the kids get so much out of serving others and connecting it to scripture. Our Bible time has become a very precious time in the morning and we do not skip it. It sets the tone and then when and if there is a disruption (almost always) I can reference what we just studied in God's Word and what we prayed about. It helps a lot. Putting CHRIST first in our School makes everything better. This is one of the GREATEST gifts of Homeschool. 

This year truly is a lot of fun. The "classical" portion of our day is my favorite. The History, music and art really seem to seal the day. Josiah looks forward to History like I look forward to Grammar. He loves it! The cool thing is, I am learning so much too. Even though I learned a lot about Indians, Pilgrims, The Mayflower, Plymouth Rock, The Vikings, Christopher Columbus etc when I was in School, I did not retain much. I am really enjoying every bit of it. Even the crafts! :) This week we have to plant corn and I will have to google it because I am not sure I really know what to do but the kids will love it! Thank God for GOOGLE! 

Ava Beth is reading! Tomorrow she reads her first little story. Very excited! While she loves Reading, she doesn't feel the same about Math and this is the area we spend extra time on! Regardless she is doing great! Ezekiel is learning lots with some preschool stuff but he learns MORE from his siblings. I love that! Just this afternoon they all decided to have a "Nature Walk" in the backyard. I love how they enjoy learning and exploring. It's exciting for me to see and hear! Again it reminds me of those green leaves changing to gold. Beautiful! 

Thank you Father for the incredible days like today! There is no greater calling as this in my life. I am blessed!

MiMi was here! You know how I know? Look at all the jewelry AB is wearing! 

One of her many outfits of the day! She tells me constantly that "Fashion" is her favorite thing! Actually, she seems to be really good at it. Just look at this outfit! :)

Look! He is wearing a "hoodie"! Now he is in shorts but it's nice to enjoy cool mornings out in the back!

Learning the first verse to "America" as we listen to CD.

This white board is GLORIOUS! When Josiah gets to mark things off, we celebrate! This is EVIDENCE of a great day!

And you better believe I mark it off too! WOO HOO!

Josiah's U.S. History timeline for this School Year. Today we added the Pilgrims! Makes me excited about our Homeschool Thanksgiving feast with our best friends in the area!

Josiah's favorite part of the School day!

And there you have it! I just shared a good day!

P.S. Monday is when you can do something with your children regarding Christopher Columbus. We have already studied Him this year but I've printed out some Grammar activities for Josiah that fit perfectly with what we have been learning with antonyms, synonyms and homonyms to do on Oct.11th. And the sheets are all CC themed! Pretty cool! Go here for some ideas!