Thursday, August 18, 2011

Letter for the Week (Preschool)

I got the idea to do these here. I sat at my table with the iPad and copied the letters! I hand drew each letter. It took FOREVER because I have a very clingy baby right now! Then I pulled out my laminating machine and laminated each one! SO FUN! I have them at the very top of the wall, bordering the school room. And guess what? I still have the rest of the alphabet to finish!

Josiah and Ava Beth helped Ezekiel make this box. This year he will be doing a "Letter for the week". Each week he has a scavenger hunt where he will find all things beginning with the letter we are learning. Those things will be placed in this box! Our homeschool schedule this year is really neat. Ezekiel has a scheduled day like the big kids. Josiah is assigned to 30 minutes with Zeke while I am reading with Ava Beth. Then Ava Beth has 30 minutes with Zeke while I do Grammar with Josiah. Of course he has one on one time with me too. The kids are looking forward to helping him with his scavenger hunt each week. I printed out six weeks worth of his work. I will begin working on the next six weeks in a few weeks.

(more on our homeschool schedule in the next post!)


Anonymous said...

Those are AWESOME!!! Great job!!! He will love it!!!

Karen said...

I love Zeke's box. He is going to be a really creative child like his momma.

love you