Saturday, April 7, 2012

MiMi and her girls!

My Mom came in town for my birthday and brought my nieces. She sewed matching dresses for the girl cousins to match a skirt she had made for herself. So...I finally put down the dang iphone camera and pulled out my Canon SLR and took some shots! I am so glad I have this camera!! Best gift ever!

My beautiful niece, Adisyn Renee.

MiMi, Adisyn, Bella, and Ava Beth

My gorgeous girl, Ava Beth Renee.

Adisyn Renee

Bella May


Kim said...

Alright Missy. You better pick up that camera ALL the time because you take GORGEOUS pictures! I love this :) I know it is often when your mom is able to have all three of these girls together ... what a sweet blessing! I love the matching, even for Mimi!

Kate said...

love those dresses!! my mom made some like that for my girls last summer and they still fit thanks to that elastic!! your mama is looking gooooood!! :)